Ronnie E. Bayless - consulting chemist

· Over 25 years of practical, hands-on experience in many areas of polymer science from Research and Development to solving manufacturing process problems.
· Specializing in the areas of paintball and pharmaceutical softgel technologies, medical polymers, and polymer characterization.
· Experienced in employing scientific methods to develop new technologies, products, and processes including complete implementation into manufacturing.
· Application of Statistical Process Control and Design of Experiments methods to improve process quality.
· Knowledgeable in research project management, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation.

I am not an academic style consultant. I prefer to work hands-on in the lab and in the plant along side the people who will solve the problems. I can help clients by analyzing processes to identify sources of variability, developing plans to reduce the variability, and implementing the corrective actions. I can come out of the trenches and make boardroom presentations to keep management up to date on project status. My focus is to solve product and process problems for clients quickly and completely.

Bayless Technologies, Inc.
4113 N. Forbes Rd. Plant City, FL 33565
Phone / FAX: (813)707-1770

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